Nicole Sabouné emerges once again, For Us

I first heard Swedish musician Nicole Sabouné's album Miman in 2017 upon recommendation from a friend with reliable taste. I instantly took to her Siouxsie Sioux and Kate Bush inspired music, and her smooth as silk yet simultaneously bold vocals. I don't mean to imply it was entirely derivative: the dark and brooding, highly electronic album was infused with a fresh and modern spirit. But Sabouné's musical inspiration was obvious, as is often the case on early albums. The album was ripe with hits to my ears: Bleeding Faster, Lifetime and Rip this World really stood out.

Fast forward to 2019, and Sabouné is back with a 4 song EP entitled Come my Love. The new songs sound mostly from the same tree as Miman, but considering how much I enjoyed Miman, this suits me fine. The song For Us has a particularly seductive, hypnotic and addictive quality. Best enjoyed with headphones.

By the way, I have a running playlist on Spotify called Jesse's eclectic favorites which contains some of my favorite songs from the past and present, spanning all genres.