Lessons from a Buddhist monk

Cory Muscara shared a list of key things he learned after meditating for 15 hours a day for 6 months straight. Here are few highlights about navigating the layers of experience that stood out for me:

  • There is no set of conditions that leads to lasting happiness. Lasting happiness doesn’t come from conditions; it comes from learning to flow with conditions.
  • There are 3 layers to a moment: Your experience, your awareness of the experience, and your story about the experience. Be mindful of the story.
  • The moment before letting go is often when we grip the hardest.
  • The more comfortable you become in your own skin, the less you need to manufacture the world around you for comfort.
  • Your mind doesn’t wander. It moves toward what it finds most interesting. If you want to focus better, become more curious about what's in front of you.
  • You cannot practice non-attachment. You can only show your mind the suffering that attachment creates. When it sees this clearly, it will let go.