Four Corners included on Relapse Records 30-year anniversary sampler

Guthrie Iddings at Relapse Records WHQ 2003

Guthrie Iddings relaxing at the illustrious and luxurious Relapse Records WHQ, 2003

Relapse Records just released a massive 241 track sampler to celebrate their 30 year anniversary, and the Daylight Dies song Four Corners appears at track 136.

Signing to Relapse in late 2001 was a watershed event for the band, one that altered our trajectory for the years to follow. Our debut album No Reply was released in October, 2002 and by 2003 we were touring Europe and North America with some of the bands we respected the most. While the production and performance on the album could be much improved, we're still proud of the ambitious songwriting and foundation it set for albums to come.

Fan-created video of Four Corners live in The Netherlands, 2003: