Sacred Cargo is out

I realize I've neglected my blog, as I knew was likely to happen when consumed with work and life. And today's post is the third in a row about MMXX, my musical project incubated during pandemic lockdown. This, however, is a big milestone, as the full album is finally out. The release day was actually yesterday, and despite a number of bumps in the road (the album wasn't available on Spotify in North America until this morning, I made a typo in the subject line of my email to supporters, etc.), the reaction so far has been incredible. The title track is featured as a top new song on Apple Music, and the early response from reviewers and listeners is almost universally positive.

Sacred Cargo is available on vinyl or CD, or purchase high quality digital files on Bandcamp. Merchandise is also available on our website.

MMXX - Sacred Cargo

We also premiered the haunting video for the song "The New Forgotten Ones," directed by Vesa Ranta.

MMXX - The New Forgotten Ones video

I'd like to extend a heartfelt deep well of gratitude to Andrea Chiodetti, who reached out to me at one of the most intense moments of the pandemic lockdown with a desire to focus our attention on something creative; Egan O'Rourke who elevated the music with his contributions on bass and vocals, as well as traveling across the country to engineer the drum sessions; and to all of the immensely talented vocalists and musicians who agreed to participate and champion this humble project out of nothing. Thank you.

Sacred Cargo contains vocal performances from:

Marco Benevento of The Foreshadowing (Italy), Chris Cannella of Autumn's End (USA), Egan O'Rourke of Daylight Dies (USA), Mikko Kotamaki of Swallow the Sun (Finland), Yann Ligner of Klone (France), Mick Moss of Antimatter and Sleeping Pulse (UK), Carmelo Orlando of Novembre (Italy), Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride (UK), and Dan Swanö of Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, etc. (Sweden).