MMXX album pre-order and new single

Yesterday I sent this email to MMXX subscribers:

After two years of incubating this humble project and refining every song through countless emails, phone calls, text messages, and studio visits, we've reached a moment none of us were sure would come to pass. We're pleased to announce that Sacred Cargo will be released on November 11, 2022, and you can pre-order the vinyl in turquoise or black, or grab a CD starting today.

Sacred Cargo vinyls and CD

The gorgeous artwork which graces the multi-page layout is courtsey of the immensely talented Portuguese fine-art photographer Henri Prestes. Candlelight has also made available t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies featuring the cover art. Additionally, you can purchase MMXX shirts designed by Alfredo "Mojo" Raimondi (who also designed our logo), as well as patches and stickers on our website. Thank you for your support.

MMXX shirts

Yesterday we released the song "Perdition Mirror," featuring Mick Moss (Antimatter) on vocals. Listen to it on Spotify, other platforms, or own it by throwing us a dollar or more on Bandcamp. We also premiered a haunting video to accompany the song, directed by Richard Oakes. Turn your phone on do not disturb, dim the lights, and give it a watch:

Perdition Mirror video

Mick commented on the lyrical inspiration behind Perdition Mirror:

"I wanted to reflect on what our role, as a species, has been in the unleashing of the recent pandemic as we outstrip our environment and cut into the wildlife with catastrophic results. Two articles, one in the Boston Globe, another in the New York Times, gave me so much clarity during the writing. To quote David Quammen in the latter article, 'we disrupt ecosystems, and we shake viruses loose from their natural hosts. When that happens, they need a new host. Often, we are it'. Alan Wiesman, in the former, elaborates '' Humankind’s presence on Earth is now so lopsided that growing and grazing our food supply requires nearly half the world’s ice-free land, literally pushing other species off the planet. As we invade their habitats, and poach remaining wildlife for market, their resident viruses and bacteria jump to the handiest species left: us. That’s how nearly 75 percent of new infectious diseases this century originated. As temperatures rise, even more will spawn."

There's still one more single to be released. Stay tuned.

It never ceases to amaze me what can result when a few friends are inspired and motivated. Initially I thought MMXX would remain a private effort, our own personal therapy. In that regard, it was a success. Everything else is just an incredible bonus.