Free tools for coordinating COVID-19 emergency response

The insane pace at which the world is changing due to COVID-19 is disorienting and scary. Working from the safety of my New York apartment, I'm deeply, deeply grateful to everyone on the front lines bravely confronting this crisis—especially all those providing healthcare or involved in emergency response.

Many people and organizations are stepping up to assist in anyway they can, including NationBuilder. We're now offering free software and services to governments, agencies and NGOs coordinating direct relief during this crisis. Our software provides powerful digital organizing infrastructure to run your website, mass communication via email or text, online fundraising and a people database. If you or anyone you know is involved in emergency response efforts and is need of such tools, please contact us. We're ready to help.

We've also started to assemble some important resources to help you be effective:

Finally, our collective mental health as the ground shifts beneath our feet is one of my biggest concerns. Everyone is invited to participate in an experience of deep listening and story telling by attending one of our live online story circles. Having participated in many over the years, I assure you it is a worthy experience.